Fast Delivery, Experienced Production Team

Our expert design team brings value engineering to your project, whether it’s a shed in the backyard or a large commercial project.

  • High-Volume Production Facilities

    Get your trusses built, fast! 

  • Expert, Local Design Team

    Trusses designed specifically for your needs. 

  • Meet Relevant Codes

    We follow all local and relative national codes.

  • Affordable Prices


Residential &
Commercial Trusses

From small to large-scale projects, our expert team can help every step of the way.

With over 50 years in the truss design & manufacturing industry, we have the knowledge and experience that your project needs. Our trusses are built to order, delivered on time, and at the right price.

Timeframes You Can Depend On

We are passionate about ensuring that your projects meet deadlines and exceed your expectations. 


Move Faster Through Installation


Avoid Hangups During Inspections


Quicker Turnaround Times

We Schedule Our Delivery Around Your Needs

Our truss deliveries aren't based around our timeframes, they are structured around yours. We know you have deadlines to meet, and we are here to help your project move smoothly.

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